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Spinach and Feta Tarte Soleil

I love spinach, and I decided to make it a tarte. The result is incredible and delicious. You can also try this and I’m sure you going love it! Cheese and Spinach Tart with Pesto sauce or Spinach and Broccoli Tarte Au Soleil. This delicious vegetarian tart looks so impressive when you serve it. It […]


Red Velvet Mini Bundt Cake With cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet Bundt Cake.  This moist red velvet Bundt cake is topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting! A moist, classic Red Velvet Cake!! Made from scratch, and surprisingly easy when a few simple steps are followed. Red Velvet Cake is not just a chocolate cake with red food coloring added. It’s more like a […]

eggless cheese cake

Baked Eggless Cheesecake -Four Flavors

This easy, eggless four fruit flavor cheesecake recipe tastes just like the real thing! Creamy and indulgent, no one will know there are no eggs in it! A no bake cheesecake version is delicious for sure, but there’s something about the creamy texture of a baked cheesecake that’s unbeatable. And it really is so easy […]

Ice Creams

Tiramisu Ice Cream

Coffee & Chocolate is a deadly combination in itself. But when they get mixed with cream & lady fingers, I would say it becomes a heavenly combination. So I would just say u guys, Keep Calm & Enjoy this Tiramisu Ice cream. It’s a no churn, Eggless ice cream 🍨 recipe It is creamy, smooth, […]

Corn Dip

Cheesy Mexican Corn Dip

This hot corn dip will be the  best use of corn. Hot Corn Dip – Perfectly Creamy And Cheesy With The Best Mexican Flavors. Everyone Goes Crazy Over This  Corn Dip Recipe! Hot Corn Dip is such a delicious and easy appetizer recipe to serve with chips, crackers, or veggies! The perfect game day party […]

taco pizza

French Bread Taco Pizza

Taco Tuesday looks a little different with this Taco French Bread Pizza taking center stage! All of your favorite taco flavors are nested in a loaf of French bread for a dinner the whole family loves.I love a french bread pizza! This Taco French Bread Pizza is so simple to make. Crispy, spicy, cheesy and […]